TC Services


Residential Listings

For our contracted clients, let us set-up your listing ahead of going under contract!

We can help you with your disclosure package preparation so that your file will be ready to go the moment your seller signs acceptance!

  • Prepare disclosure package for seller to complete
  • Docusign remaining disclosures and obtain signatures
  • Upload  & submit file for broker review

Residential Sales

We are experts at getting your file from contract to close!

  • Open escrow upon request
  • Communicate with Agent, Escrow, Lender, and other Agent or TC
  • Keep track of deadlines per contract agreement
  • Receive & process transaction related documents utilizing DocuSign & Glide
  • Deliver required forms to client(s), and other agent or TC for signatures
  • Excellent Risk Management for your file ensuring all required documents have been properly executed
  • Full file audit/review weekly with email update to Agent, Co-op Agent, TC, Escrow & Lender
  • Upload  & submit files for broker review in brokers preferred TMS
  • Order Natural Hazard Report
  • Order Home Warranty
  • Closed files are delivered to our Agent and the buyer/seller through our secure client portal via onehub

TC Fees

Residential TC Fees (1-4 units):

  • Single Agency $525
  • Dual Agency $825

Residential TC Fees (5+ units): 

  • Single Agency $625
  • Dual Agency $925

** All TC fees are billed through Escrow and paid at closing. Your Virtual TC never charges a cancellation fee.

Agent responsibilities

As the Agent for the transaction it is your responsibility to ensure your Broker requirements are met. We will do our best to assist you in being compliant with your brokerage based off the instructions provided by you and/or your office/broker.

  • Provide any/all contract related documents & contact information for us to be able to open your file. TC’s do not send out contracts or counter offers for agents. It is the agents responsibility to provide a fully signed contract to our office before we open a file.
  • Negotiating any/all terms, repair requests, credits etc.
  • Scheduling and attending any/all inspections
  • Notifying their TC, escrow and lender of any contract changes, invoices, credits etc.

 If your broker requires your file to be submitted/uploaded to a transaction management platform, please provide all needed log-in information & requirements for assisting with this process. We cater to many brokerages and are versed in most online platforms available.

We are 100% paperless

Your Virtual TC is a virtual/paperless office and we deliver all documents electronically. We do not offer any printing/mail services and do not provide paper files.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business!